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Can I Use Coconut Oil For A Healthy Vagina?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is making headlines these days. Thanks to the several health benefits it claims to be offering, this oil has become the talk of the town. Though it is not yet proven scientifically, we are going to learn something more interesting and useful especially for women about oil which is being used almost on a daily basis by us. I am talking about coconut oil. We all know its usages when it comes to moisturize the dry skin or add some life to dull hairs. But it is a boon for the vagina also? Let’s find out about it in this article.
While no clinical studies are available on usage of coconut oil for vaginal skin, health professionals have discovered that this oil has various benefits when it comes to treating vaginal skin conditions.
Vaginal dryness
Normally brought about by menopause, bosom nourishing, stress, unending diseases, and drugs, vaginal dryness can make intercourse agonizing. The least demanding arrangement? Grease, and a standout amongst the best oils is coconut oil (indeed, a similar coconut oil that you use for cooking). Rubbing a modest quantity into the vaginal opening before intercourse can diminish erosion and torment (you can likewise reapply the oil after intercourse on the off chance that you have consuming or soreness thereafter). What’s more, reward: If you are timid about purchasing KY at the store, utilizing coconut oil spares you the shame, as you just need to make an excursion to kitchen. Remember, however – since coconut oil will be oil-based, it can separate latex, which implies that it can’t be utilized with condoms.
Vulvar issues
For patients with ceaseless yeast contaminations, lichen sclerosis or vulvodynia (perpetual torment of the vulva), coconut oil can likewise give some help structure tingling and consuming sensations. Most patients discover coconut oil exceptionally calming. I prescribe applying a liberal add up to labia two times every day in these setting.
Herpes flare-up or different kinds of labial injuries
For ladies with herpes or different bruises or wounds, (for example, baby blues cuts), coconut oil can shape a defensive obstruction to keep the causticity of pee from causing torment when it hits the influenced territory during pee. Give me a chance to explain: coconut oil won’t CURE any contaminations like herpes or yeast, however it appears to help lessen a portion of the inconvenience their side effects cause.
In extra to vaginal uses, coconut oil likewise is suggested by my lactation specialist for areola soreness. My competitor patients likewise use coconut oil on their areolas to avert teasing. What’s more, a portion of my postoperative C-area patients find that coconut oil will in general lessen the presence of the scarring.
While thinks about on coconut oil are scanty with regards to the vagina, the dermatology information is consoling, and the danger of utilizing it is practically nonexistent. In this way, on the off chance that you are managing vaginal dryness or other vulvar issues, at that point you may stop by the kitchen and have a go at something simple, shabby, and regular for your concern.

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